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Top 10 Reasons To Attend Next Generation Testing Conference

  1. Immediate return on investment. Take home the latest insights and how-to knowledge, plus access to conference session presentations and supporting documentation as well as acquisition of many networking contacts.

  2. Deliver more with less. Discover cost-saving technologies and processes, cost effective ways to expand existing capabilities, and real world examples that yield actionable next steps.

  3. Excellent value for the level of intensive education. As a UNICOM Conference attendee, you have access to 01 day conference, Keynotes, Workshops & Track sessions covering a varie ty of topics including agile, automation, metrics, test management, techniques, cloud testing and much more...

  4. 360° coverage. This event helps software test professionals to navigate the industry landscape with cost cutting strategies in IT, coupled with advice on how to execute such strategies for maximum business value with limited resources, as well as tactical insights into today's tough IT decisions.

  5. Tap the full breadth of UNICOM coverage & expertise. The UNICOM Conference is the largest gathering of test professionals in India. Do take advantage of this opportunity to speak with and learn from the experts in testing from all over the globe. Learn from the speakers, exhibitors and of course your fellow testing colleagues.

  6. Leverage others experience. Our events provide numerous ways to learn from others' experience including case studies, networking, conversing with experts and online resources available on the UNICOM testing conference website.

  7. Efficient Vendor Access. Access a broad range of test tool & services vendors in one convenient space dedicated to rational decision making, facilitated by knowledgeable experts onsite, hands-on demos, as well as face-to-face meetings.

  8. Events aligned to your job role. Whatever your role within testing, the 2014 UNICOM Conference has focused presentations with in-depth analysis and insights tailored to your priorities.

  9. Everyone in your organization can benefit. The UNICOM Conference delivers long term benefits long after the conference. Attend complimentary webinars throughout the year and benefit from speakers knowledge which you may have missed throughout the event. Take plenty of notes during presentations relevant to you and your company. Present your key insights and lessons learned to your colleagues when you return to the office.

  10. Unplug and get inspired. Getting out of the office allows you to focus on tough problems in the most efficient way possible; fully immersed in an expertise-rich, how-to environment.