Test Strategy

Exploratory Testing
Are you a test manager or test director? Do you feel that your team lurches from one project to the next, working very hard but at the same time disappointing stakeholders, reinventing work products, and generally muddling through? Maybe your problem is that you do not have a clearly articulated test policy and strategy. What objectives are you trying to accomplish? How do you intend to accomplish those objectives? In this extremely hands-on, practical workshop, you will learn how to create actionable, relevant, concise test policy and strategy documents for your organization, and work on those documents. Read more...

How to test "10 Deployments Per Day"-Continous Testing

Exploratory Testing
Test managers must take a potentially infinite job—testing a computer system - and accomplish it within tight time and resource restraints. It’s a tall order, but successful test managers have found proven ways to handle the challenges.

Managing the Testing process course will give attendees the tools they need to succeed as test managers, ways to measure and manage the skills testers need, the tools to hire, motivate and educate testers and the essential tools, techniques and critical processes that will help you manage and develop high-quality test systems that improve over time.

Usability Testing

Exploratory Testing

Framing the problem / opportunity
Ideation, sketching, exploration
Evaluating and focussing

Selenium Hands-On

Exploratory Testing
1) Introduction to Selenium
2) Selenium IDE
3) Selenium IDE ENV Setup
4) Selenium IDE Hands-on
5) Selenium RC
6) Selenium Webdriver
7) Selenium webdriver setup with Eclipse
8) Selenese Commands
9) Webdriver Package and Classes