Testing Metrics, Process, Project and Product

Exploratory Testing
Test managers must take a potentially infinite job—testing a computer system - and accomplish it within tight time and resource restraints. It’s a tall order, but successful test managers have found proven ways to handle the challenges.

Managing the Testing process course will give attendees the tools they need to succeed as test managers, ways to measure and manage the skills testers need, the tools to hire, motivate and educate testers and the essential tools, techniques and critical processes that will help you manage and develop high-quality test systems that improve over time.

Crowd Sourced Testing

Exploratory Testing
What Does it Take to Implement a Crowd Sourced Test Effort

Global outreach, quick time to market and a feature rich design are some of the major drivers in today’s market in determining a product’s success. Product companies are constantly on the lookout for innovative development and quality assurance techniques to take charge of these driving forces. One such paradigm software testing technique gaining popularity is “Crowd Sourced Testing”. The scale, flexibility, cost effectiveness and fast turnaround it has to offer are all being spoken about at length, in several forums. Is it such a perfect solution for all product companies to leverage? Not really.

Gaming Mechanics in Enterprises

Exploratory Testing
Introduction to Enterprise Gamification, Designing playful and engaging business processes. This workshop will offer a hands-on approach to learn how to design games and apply gamification elements for the enterprise. The workshop will begin with an overview of successful deployments of game mechanics in business, with examples from IBM, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Applebees, Tesco, and others. Attendees with then be split into groups to brainstorm requirements, objectives, game design, play test, and present/pitch their findings to all workshop participants . Resources available will include an overview of game mechanics, game design principles, player and gamification personas, and engagement and play test techniques. Read more...

Selenium Hands-On

Exploratory Testing
1) Introduction to Selenium
2) Selenium IDE
3) Selenium IDE ENV Setup
4) Selenium IDE Hands-on
5) Selenium RC
6) Selenium Webdriver
7) Selenium webdriver setup with Eclipse
8) Selenese Commands
9) Webdriver Package and Classes

Breaking Away From Mainstream - Effective Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing
Breaking Away From Mainstream - Effective Exploratory TestingExploratory Testing is about the best use of available resources (time, skills, etc) and about finding as many bugs as possible within a set time frame. Sadly, it is not always considered when identifying suitable approaches for test strategies.

As testers, we learn about systems under test more and more during the lifecycle of a project. This knowledge can be utilised to extract value by adding continuously to our scripted or ad hoc test case repository.

Agile Testing

Exploratory Testing
This Workshop is for testers and test managers to understand how to work in Scrum teams and be valued contributors. Cover the cycles of both Scrum and TDD and changes in behaviour needed.


In a Scrum team, everyone is responsible for testing. Quality is no longer an afterthought and testing should become an inherent part of every stage of the user story development even before a single line of functional code is written.

The transition to Scrum should feel like an exciting rebirth for the tester. Removing the manual testing shackles offers the Scrum tester an opportunity to focus on what they do best – design, consulting, and exploratory testing. They are finally given an opportunity to flex their unique skill-set in far more interesting ways.