Breaking Away From Mainstream - Effective Exploratory TestingExploratory Testing is about the best use of available resources (time, skills, etc) and about finding as many bugs as possible within a set time frame. Sadly, it is not always considered when identifying suitable approaches for test strategies.

As testers, we learn about systems under test more and more during the lifecycle of a project. This knowledge can be utilised to extract value by adding continuously to our scripted or ad hoc test case repository.

Often, we will be asked to test with vague requirements, no documentation, asked to test very early, or while there is a high volatility of change in the requirements. These instances can be a perfect place to utilise exploratory testing to assist making the choice to deploy less risky.

Workshop Outline

What is Exploratory Testing?
Types of Exploratory Approaches
How to run an Exploratory Testing
How to know when to stop
Bug Bash, Bug Hunt, Bug Safari
Influencing Stakeholders on the topic of Exploratory Testing